The Difference Between Average People (Job Seekers) AND Real Millionaires (Entrepreneurs)

AVERAGE people have to wait and S-E-E  before they can believe it.MILLIONAIRES are original and they like to be the “first”. So they dream it. Believe it. Create it and Sell it to you. Then they collect money while average people are waiting!

AVERAGE people become confused by things that seem too simple. They always think something is missing — there’s a catch — or it’s a scam.
MILLIONAIRES take simple ideas, put them in a packaged franchise format and sell them to “average” people by the millions and then collect a fortune — [look at McDonalds].

AVERAGE people work a job to pay their bills.
MILLIONAIRES create empires to give “average” people a place to work.

Have you ever had someone step on your dream to becoming a Real Millionaire (Entrepreneur)? then read my story…

They told me I was dreaming.
They said it’ll never work.
You know…
That “Working From Home And Making Money Online”.
They said “How many people make money legitimately online if not scammers”.
They said “I need to just get a job!”
They said “I’ll join you when I S-E-E you make a million dollars”.
They laughed at me.
They said “Ha ha…you are wasting your time…finish school and then get a JOB”                                                                                                          They said… “He doesn’t even have a good business idea!”
“How can he be successful?”
They said… “He will soon GIVE-UP!” “He needs to just give it up and get a regular paying job that can put food on the table”.
They talked behind my back.
They called me a “DREAMER”.
They made mockery of me.
They thought they were BETTER than me.
They couldn’t S-E-E my vision.
They couldn’t understand what was driving me.
And They never tried to.
So They left me to my will.
Because They couldn’t break me.
Break my spirit.
My passion to greatness.
To be remarkable.
They couldn’t get me to give in.
Their ridicule only fueled me more.
They sarcastically taunted me and called me “Different name that is not in my profile”.
They said “He’s always dreaming up some million dollar idea that won’t work”.
They got together in groups and talked about my failures.
It made them feel good to have their safe, secure paying jobs.


Scared that I might actually succeed!
That I might show them that there’s more to life than winning a LOTTO and a J-O-B(Just Over Broke).
Scared that I might show them that DREAMS really do come true and that it’s safe to DREAM.
Scared that they might have to eat their words.
Scared that their own lives in comparison wouldn’t look so great now.
Scared that They would no longer have the upper-hand.
Scared that They wouldn’t have anybody to talk about anymore.
Scared that They would have to take a REAL LOOK at their own lives and see that They were really just “playin it safe”.
That They didn’t have the GUTS I had to go after what They really wanted.
Then scared turned to jealousy…
Because my relentless pursuit of greatness began to pay off.

I generate six figure income monthly from my various Online Business. which is Twice more than what THEY make in a year!!
More money started coming my way.
I filled my house with the most luxurious things i think of buying.
Paying bills was a joke.
I saved lots of cash.
Invested more in my business.
Go on shopping any time I wish .
“Different names they were calling me became reality!
I like it when people challenge me, it will make me work harder.
I am not where i want to be BUT definitely i am not where is i used to be – I KEEP MOVING ON!


Sometimes They need my help.
Without entrepreneurs like me…
The world wouldn’t have cell phones, — Samsung
The world wouldn’t have “Windows OS”, — MICROSOFT
The world wouldn’t be able to fly above the weather, — HOWARD HUGHES
Konga and jumia wouldn’t have to think of establishing an eCommerce portal in Nigeria
Sports nuts couldn’t watch the game on huge, wide screen flat SONY TV’s
97% of the world couldn’t even drive or ride the bus to work without — HENRY FORD
Browsing online wouldn’t have possible as it is now
The world needs dreamers!
Don’t be scared to dream.
Tell those uninspired dream thieves to get lost!
“They” could even be your friends and family.
In their mind, They do this thinking that they are protecting you.
Protecting you from getting your hopes up and failing.
“Don’t aim too high…you’ll lose!”
Be patient with them.
They don’t know any better.
I enjoying being the boss of myself.
Am in control..
i live my live the way i like…
I wake up the way i want
I don’t do 9 to 5 job…
I work any time i want.
I have tasted how sweet being an entrepreneur is, And I enjoying being an entrepreneur.

Do you dream of being an entrepreneur working online, creating a business that gives you the leverage to be your own BOSS and make money while you sleep and live your life the way you want? If your answer is yes to that question, then leave a comment below of your own journey, your challenges (whats stopping you), or your success. I and the The Biz Help community will be ready to answer your pressing needs and provide you with a quick solution to your problems.

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